Student Support

You may be studying by yourself, but at MU you’re never on your own. At Maxwell University, we’re experts in distance learning and we have the support systems to help you succeed.

Our MU faculty members are leaders in their field of study, researching and developing new ways to give their courses online. And your tuition fees include lesson help to assist you make the largest part of your courses.

When you register for an MU course, academic support will be made available to you. The nature of academic support you will receive depends on which course you acquire.

You will receive an e-letter in the student portal with your tutor’s contact information and online office hours 1-2 weeks before your course starts. Tutors are available during your course convention period, and we encourage you to keep regular contact during your course.

Counseling services

You’re not the only one who is taking this career path. Counseling services provides direction and support for both potential and current students choosing to pursue university studies and are looking for some supervision.

How can a counselor help?

Counselors can assist you in clarifying your career path and suitable program choices. No matter what is your goal, making an informed choice at the start can help you prevent needless stress.

To make an appointment with a counselor, use our online registration form.

Academic Advisors

Our academic advisors can help you with course selection and will help you make sure you meet your program requirements. They also provide information about university policy and procedures, and assist with the interpretation of your transfer credit evaluation.