MBA – International Marketing

IM 400MarketingIM 460Multinational Finance
IM 410Sales ManagementIM 470Global Strategic Analysis
IM 420Marketing ResearchIM 480Global Marketing Strategies
IM 430E-marketing StrategiesIM 490Human Resource Management
IM 440Advertising & MediaIM 500Business Law
IM 450Strategic ManagementIM 510Management

  • IM 400: Marketing: This course develops an understanding of the global marketing
    environment through key concepts, tools and theory. It challenges students to think critically
    about global competition and expansion, as they discuss problems and perspectives of
    marketing across national boundaries and within foreign countries.
  • IM 410: Sales Management: This course helps students understand the complex world of
    international sales management. Topics include the practical tools of “real-life” sales
    management: motivation and fair compensation of a sales force; the digitalization of the
    selling process; and customer relations on an international scale.
  • IM 420: Marketing Research: This course provides students with the necessary knowledge
    of and insight into key market research concepts. The aim of the course is to give an
    understanding of how market research is performed, how different questionnaires are
    designed and developed and how the findings are communicated to managers.
  • IM 430: E-Marketing Strategies: This combination lecture and hands-on lab focuses on
    marketing and branding essentials; banner and search engine optimization; domain name
    awareness; successful email campaigns; usability; analytics; and affiliate programs.
  • IM 440: Advertising & Media: This course gives a broad overview of how advertising and
    media planning work today. The basic concepts and strategies are discussed, illustrated by
    actual applications of the disciplines, as well as the tasks, roles and skills of the professionals
    in this field of expertise.
  • IM 450: Strategic Management: This course reviews the main concepts, methods and tools
    used in formulating strategies and implementing processes. It also explores ways to better
    leverage a firm’s internal resources in order to improve sustainable performance and
    investigates the limitations of applied theory.
  • IM 460: Multinational Finance Management: This course examines the financial issues
    facing managers and firms involved in the international transfer of assets, goods and
    services. The main topics explored will be the foreign exchange market, the management offoreign exchange risk, and investment and financing decisions in international capital
  • IM 470: Global Strategic Analysis: This course is designed to provide students with a
    working understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by firms doing business
    globally. The course will focus on internal management and leadership challenges, the
    strengths and weaknesses of various global corporate organizational structures, the increased
    importance of virtual teams in a global setting, the importance of cross cultural awareness
    and understanding, global communications, strategic implementation of global strategies,
    strategic partnerships and joint ventures, and strategies to either adapt product and services
    offerings to local market preferences or create global product and service offerings.
  • IM 480: Global Marketing Strategies: This course will help students understand the
    strategic implications of segmentation, targeting, and positioning and how they are
    developed within the context of customer, competitor, and context analysis. Particular
    emphasis will be placed on the role of disruptive positioning strategies and how firms can
    utilize such strategies to their advantage.
  • IM 490: Human resource Management: This course focuses on the study of human
    management principles as they reflect on the basic assumption of treating employees as
    investments benefiting a company in the long run from the international perspective.
  • IM 500: Business Law: This course provides a comprehensive coverage of the legal,
    cultural, political, economic and ethical issues faced by global business managers. An
    understanding of these issues is enhanced through the use of real world examples, cutting
    edge cases, managerial problems, and ethical issues.
  • IM 510: Management: This course will focus on developing a deeper understanding of how
    and why management practices and processes can differ around the world, and the
    development of the skills necessary to function successfully in this international business

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