MBA – Communication & PR

CPR 400Management SkillsCPR 460Business Law
CPR 410Organizational CommunicationCPR 470Management Information System
CPR 420Managerial AccountingCPR 480Public Speaking & Public Communication
CPR 430MarketingCPR 490Public Relations
CPR 440Quantitative Business MethodsCPR 500Communication Skills
CPR 450NegotiationCPR 510Strategic Management

  • CPR 400: Management Skills: This course introduces the concepts, techniques,
    procedures and ethics of effective management in organizational settings. Students explore
    the competencies, skills and organizational processes associated with the four functions of
    management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
  • CPR 410: Organizational Communication: This course examines how effective internal,
    organizational communication is key to achieving objectives and integral to developing a
    company’s vision and mission. Emphasis is placed on employer-employee relationships;
    two-way communication; communication tools for socialization and motivation; message
    construction; and internal events.
  • CPR 420: Managerial Accounting: This intensive course examines accounting and finance
    from the perspective of a decision maker to help students develop a framework for
    understanding financial, managerial and tax reports. Students prepare and interpret financial
    information for investors (external users) and managers (internal users), as well as examine
    how financial instruments are used to support both system and project creation
  • CPR 430: Marketing: This course promotes the understanding of concepts, philosophies,
    processes and techniques used in managing marketing operations. It also helps develop an
    appreciation of different aspects of the marketplace. Students examine the product life cycle,
    explore the marketing mix and learn how to create marketing strategies.
  • CPR 440: Quantitative Business Methods: This course acquaints students with various
    statistical tools and techniques, such as analytical model building which is used in
    administrative and business decision making. Topics include: statistical hypothesis testing,
    frequency distributions and other applications of statistics, regression analysis, linear
    programming and financial mathematics.
  • CPR 450: Negotiation: This seminar develops students’ confidence in their negotiation
    skills and enables them to become better decision makers. A unique element of the seminar
    is that students experience the interaction of need, compromise and fear-based negotiations,focusing on the possibility of losing the deal. This seminar also offers an opportunity to
    discover and experiment with different techniques that help lead to the desired outcomes and
    clearer decisions.
  • CPR 460: Business Law: This seminar focuses on key international legal topics:
    commercial agreements, contracts, intellectual property, ethics, fraud, bribery and
    corruption. Students reflect on current cases in conjunction with judiciary precedent, gaining
    practical and applicable insight into business law.
  • CPR 470: Management Information Systems: This course examines the role of
    management information systems in organizations and provides an overview of the functions
    and cost of technology. Students explore how companies make the most of their investment
    for managing data and for communicating both internally and externally at a time when
    companies’ IT budgets are continually increasing.
  • CPR 480: Public Speaking & Public Communication: This oral communication skills
    course emphasizes organizing thoughts, adapting messages to specific audiences and using
    language effectively. Students examine and evaluate communication styles and learn to
    deliver messages verbally and non-verbally with effect and confidence.
  • CPR 490: Public Relations: This course explores the meaning, origins and scope of this
    management and communication function. Students master the concept of public relations
    by using cases to analyze specific tasks and responsibilities and examine the application of
    public relations in corporate, governmental and non-profit sectors.
  • CPR 500: Communication Skills: This seminar focuses on understanding the processes
    needed for effective oral and written communication in a business setting. Emphasis is
    placed on the application of key principles that will enhance communication and
    effectiveness, as well as the development of skills and attitudes appropriate for business
    communication; especially in public speaking.
  • CPR 510: Strategic Management: This course reviews the main concepts, methods and
    tools used in formulating strategies and implementing processes. It also explores ways to
    better leverage a firm’s internal resources in order to improve sustainable performance and
    investigates the limitations of applied theory.

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