COM100Business communication MNG 200Introduction to management
ECO 100Economics I: Introduction to EconomicsHR 200Human resources management
BL 200Business Law 1MRK 200Introduction to marketing
EM 325Event managementECO 101Economics II: Principles of Microeconomics
ACC 200Introduction to accounting CMP 120Computer Information Systems Applications

  • COM 100: Business communication: enables students to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills in a business environment.
  • ECO 100: Economics I :Introduction to Economics: Gives students an overview of Economics as a whole.
  • BL 200: Business law 1: introduce students to the legal principles of business.
  • EM 325 : Event Management : This course helps students to learn how to organize an event
  • ACC 200: Introduction to accounting: helps students to get initiated to the history and basics of accounting.
  • MNG 200: Introduction to management:Allows students to get initiated to the management skills.
  • HR 200: Human resources management: allows students to learn the basics of HR
  • MRK 200: Introduction to marketing: helps students to learn the basics of marketing.
  • ECO 101: Economics II:Principles of Microeconomics: enables students to study economics at its micro-level.
  • CMP 120: Computer information Systems Applications:introduce students to the basic computer skills.



CMP 150 Advanced computer Information Systems ApplicationsECO 110Economics III : Principles of Macroeconomics
ACC 210Financial accounting MRK 300Marketing research
SP 100Introduction to psychologyISC 300Introduction to supply chain
BB 100Buyer behaviorSM 312Sales management
MRK 100Marketing : Principles and policies MRK 410Marketing management

  • CMP 150: Advanced computer Information Systems Applications: Operating System & Internet.
  • ACC 210 : This course highlights the basic standards in financial accouning system ( income statement , balance sheet , cash flow statetement )
  • SP: Introduction to psychology : This course highlights the most interesting experiments within the field of psychology.
  • BB 100 : Buyer Behavior: This course enables students to understand consumers buying decisions
  • MRK 100 : Marketing : principles and policies : This course helps students to understand the theoretical concepts and practical applications of marketing
  • ECO 110:Economics III: Principles of Macroeconomics: helps students to learn basic skills about the economy at states level.
  • MRK 300 : Marketing research:A study of the role of research in marketing decisions. Special emphasis is placed on data gathering, compilation, analysis, and interpretation including the writing and analysis of surveys
  • ISC 300 : Introduction to supply chain : This course focuses on the definition of supply chain and how it can be a key component in organizationnal success
  • SM 312 : Sales Management : This course provides conceptual and practical guidance on sales planning and management
  • MRK 410 : Marketing Management: Definition, nature, scope and importance of marketing, marketing mix.


LOM 325Logistics and operations management SCP 101Supply chain planning
SCM 241 Supply chain management MSD 521Manufacturing system and supply chain design
PIM 422Procurement and inventory management LSC 444Logistics and supply chain management
SWT 201Storage and warehouse techniquesOS 200Operations strategy
TTM 211Transportation techniques and management IOP 315Introduction to operations management

  • LOM 325: Logistics and operations management : This course explores management roles in companies involved with logistics and operations management on national or international basis
  • SCM 241 : Supply chain management : This course gives an overview of the processes in business logistics and supply chain management
  • PIM 422 : Procurement and inventory management : This course put emphasis on the design and management processes and control systems of the inbound supply chain
  • SWT 201 : Storage and warehouse techniques : This course includes warehousing operations and techniques
  • TTM 211 : Transportation techniques and management : This course includes topics method of transportation , transportation techniques and management
  • SCP 101 : Supply chain planning : This course explores effective supply chain strategies for companies that operate globally
  • MSD 521 : Manufacturing system and supply chain design :This course focuses on decision making for system designand supply chain design
  • LSD 444 : Logistics and supply chain management : This course includes the following topics ; vehicle routing problems, dynamic lot sizing inventory models, stochastic and deterministic multi-echelon inventory systems, the bullwhip effect, pricing models
  • OS 200 : Operations strategy : The course covers strategic decisions in technology, facilities, vertical integration, human resources, and other areas, and also explores means of competition such as cost, quality, and innovativeness.
  • IOP 315 : Introduction to operations management :This course introduce students to problems and analysis related to the design, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service operations