MSc in Finance

MNG465Management Analytical SkillsMNG470E-Business
FIN400International Corporate FinanceFIN470Case Problems in Finance
MNG450Strategic ManagementFIN500Empirical Methods in Finance
POM410Project ManagementFIN 410Investment Management
ACC350Moroccan Business Environment : Accounting &
MNG410Advanced Business Communication
MNG480International BusinessMNG430Small Business Strategy

  • MNG 465: Management Analytical Skills: This course introduces the concepts,
    techniques, procedures and ethics of effective management in organizational
    settings. Students explore the competencies, skills and organizational processes
    associated with the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading
    and controlling.
  •  FIN 400: International corporate Finance: This course covers key principles of
    finance necessary to understand and implement the finance function in an
    organization and carry out the financial analysis that justifies the decision-making
  •  MNG 450: Strategic Management: This course reviews the main concepts,
    methods and tools used in formulating strategies and implementing processes. It
    also explores ways to better leverage a firm’s internal resources in order to
    improve sustainable performance and investigates the limitations of applied
  • POM 410: Project Management: This course combines the essential elements of
    Project Management and Team Leadership into
    one course. Through class engagement and reflection, you will acquire further
    understanding of
    the responsibilities of leadership and become better prepared to apply this
    knowledge to the
    project environment.
  • ACC 350: Moroccan Business Environment: Accounting and Taxation: In
    this course, students develop an understanding of the federal income tax law and
    its application to individuals, partnerships, and corporations in Morocco. Topics
    include tax entities, property transactions, calculating basis, gains and losses,
    alternative minimum tax, S corporations, and partnerships.
  •  MNG 480: International Business: This course uses extensive examples to
    illustrate the vibrancy and challenge of international business. Coverage of
    relevant topics includes the degree of geographical literacy necessary to succeed
    in international markets, which is frequently overlooked in more traditional
  • MNG 470: E-Business: This course brings together a range of conceptual
    models, frameworks, theories and cases to build an integrated picture of modern
    e-business practice for organisations large or small, public or private sector,
    domestic or global.
  • FIN 470: Case Problems in Finance: This course enables students to put into
    practices all the theories learned in finance classes by analysing and studying
    different finance cases.
  • FIN 500: Empirical methods in Finance: This course aims to provide an
    overview of quantitative methods needed to conduct empirical research in finance
    and financial economics.
  • FIN 410: Investment Management: This course enables students to learn about
    fnancial markets and instruments, investment strategies. Apply standard models
    of fnancial economics to problems of portfolio optimization, diversifcation,
    immunization, and risk management.
  • MNG 410: Advanced Business Communication: This course is designed to
    give students a comprehensive view of communication, its scope and importance
    in business, and the role of communication in establishing a favourable outside
    the firm environment, as well as an effective internal communications program.
  • MNG 430: Small business strategy: This Business strategy course teach you how
    to model growth and make smart business decisions to achieve long-term business

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