Recognition and membership from major international associations

Accreditation and recognition from international associations – provides for the independent review of education programs for the purpose of determining if that education is of uniform and sound quality. We at MU are carefully working on providing the best quality education to students world-wide.

The following list discusses each step of the recognition and membership process:

Preparation and self-examination:

The college, university, or other institution seeking accreditation status prepares materials that effectively display the institution’s accomplishments. The institution must also create a written report of its accomplishments according to the standards set by the accreditation organization.

Peer review:

Administrative and faculty peers conduct an intensive review of the prepared materials, written report, and the general workings of the college, university, or other institution seeking accreditation status. Teams of peer reviewers visit the institution. Most accreditation boards are populated by faculty and administrative peers in the field.

Visit and examination:

In addition to the visits made by the peer reviewers, most accreditation organizations also gather a visiting team that visits the college, university, or other institution seeking accreditation status. This team is often made up of peers and members of the public who volunteer their time because of a strong interest in the quality standards of higher education institutions.

Accreditation / recognition membership status indicates that a college, university, institution, or program meets the standards of quality set by the accreditation / recognition of membership organization, in terms of faculty, curriculum and administration.

Our university is recognized member by the International E-Learning Association (IELA) in the United States of America (New York). The IELA is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of e-learning in the classroom and the workplace. With members hailing from every continent—and from the realms of business, industry, government, and academia—the IELA is a vibrant and diverse community of e-learning professionals, researchers, and students.

IFGICT is a not for profit registered federation in USA and shortlisted  by UNFCCC – CDM (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Clean Development Mechanism) as a Certified Service Provider for the provision of consultancy, training and implementation of efficient technology in the information and communication technology sector. IFGICT is an independent organization created takes the lead and set industry standards for the talent development profession in ICT and business technology. IFGICT is a international supplier of the highest quality certification and examination services in a variety of global standards and best practice frameworks in the business technology and Information Technology domains.

IFGICT’s vision to award internationally recognized, most excellent credentials for ICT and business technology development professionals wide-reaching.

Maxwell University is accredited member of IFGICT # SP24092Z18

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AASHE is the leading association for the advancement of sustainability in higher education. AASHE serve a full range of higher education faculty, administrators, staff and students who are change agents and drivers of sustainability innovation. Established in 2005, AASHE is comprised of over 900 members across 48 U.S. states, 1 U.S. Territory, 9 Canadian provinces and 20 countries.

Maxwell University is recognized member by AASHE as professional legal online university.


Founded :  in 1965, SCUP is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), headquartered in Michigan, USA, with over 5,000 members worldwide  from colleges and universities two-year and four-year, liberal arts and doctoral-granting, research institutions, public, private, and for-profit, and private sector Individuals. Maxwell University is recognized member by SCUP as professional legal online university shortlisted by the SCUP in the USA.


ASEE : established in 1893 with headquarters in Washington, DC. ASEE is the pre-eminent authority on the education of engineering professionals, advancing innovation, excellence, and access at all levels of education for the engineering profession.

ASEE serving government contracts, including NASA and the Defense Department’s Civil Defense, currently, ASEE administers over ten government contracts, including the prestigious National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program. ASEE has seen a rise in recognition over the recent years as a clearinghouse of information about engineering education.

Maxwell University is approved recognized member of ASEE as formal and legal higher education online entity based in Florida, USA.